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    How to Update Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    In this article, you'll learn how to update Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch.

    On 15 February 2024 a new software update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate became available for download. Please take a moment to download and install this update while your Nintendo Switch console is connected to the internet.

    Additional Information:

    • This update must be applied in order to use the game’s online features.
    • A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use the game's online features.
    • All players must be using the same version of the software to participate in Local Wireless Battles.
    • Replay data from previous versions is not compatible with the newest version. Be sure to convert your replays by going to the Vault in the main menu, then selecting "Replays", "Replay Data" and finally "Convert to Video" before updating the software.
    • Save data will still be available for use after downloading the update.
    • If the console is connected to the internet, the update will download and install automatically.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. Connect the Nintendo Switch console to the internet.
    2. Return to the HOME Menu and launch the game.
    3. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.
    4. Once the update is installed, the newest version number will be displayed on the title screen.

    Update Details:

    Click the version number below for information about the update. Each update also includes all previous updates.

    Ver. 13.0.2 (Released 15 February 2024)


    • Updates for compatibility with the Sora amiibo, which is scheduled to be released soon.

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