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    Error Code: 2813-2470

    The information in this article can help you when you're unable to make a purchase on the Nintendo eShop using a credit card and receive the error code 2813-2470.

    What to Do:

    • If you are attempting to use credit card information that was saved, delete the saved credit card information and then try again after re-entering the information.
    • If this occurs when not using saved credit card information, check the card information to ensure you are entering it correctly, including the name, billing address, and security code.

    Situation Not Resolved:

    • If the issue only persists with saved credit card information, continue to make purchases without saving the credit card info, and then try using saved credit card information again at a later time.
    • If the issue persists when not using saved credit card information, this may indicate an issue related to the credit card. Please check with the bank or company that issued your credit card for more information.
    • Try using a different card. You may also want to consider using an alternate payment method, like PayPal or a prepaid Nintendo eShop card.