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    Connection via aerial cable

    Please also refer to the operating instructions for your television set.

    1. Connect the mains supply to the "DC 12V IN" jack of the Nintendo GameCube and to the electrical socket.
    2. Connect the RF-Modulator* to the "ANALOG AV OUT" jack of the Nintendo GameCube.
    3. Connect the long thin aerial connection* cable to the "RF-Out" jack of the RF-Modulator.
    4. Remove the cable of the house aerial (or the receiver) from the aerial jack on the television set.
    5. Connect the house aerial (or receiver) cable to the aerial connection ("ANT" jack).
    6. Connect the aerial connection with the "OUT" jack to the television aerial jack
    7. Insert a Nintendo GameCube disc into the Nintendo GameCube and switch the device on.
    8. Select a free channel on the television
    9. Look for channel 3 or 4 with the channel seeker. If no picture appears, the "CH3/CH4" switch on the RF-Modulator can be switched to another position and the channel search started again.
    10. As soon as the game picture is visible the channel can be stored.

    Please note that with this connection only mono reception is possible!

    RF-Modulator: Small black adapter with an Analog-AV-Out connection on one side and an RF jack and CH3/CH4 switch on the other side.
    Aerial connection (Switch): Small grey box with a long thing cable (there are two free connection jacks on the grey box - the switch)
    RF-Modulator and Switch are sold separately as a set.