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    Stereo AV Cable and Scart Adapter

    The stereo AV cable and the scart adapter are supplied with the Nintendo GameCube.

    The stereo AV cable is a broad, black cable with a black multiple connector and three coloured plugs for the TV set. The yellow plug is for the game picture, the red plug (audio right) and white plug (audio left) are for the sound.

    The scart adapter is a broad black plug with a silver multipoint connector for the TV and three coloured jacks (red, white, yellow) for the AV cable.


    • The Nintendo GameCube stereo AV cable is downwardly compatible with the Nintendo 64 and the Super Nintendo.
    • With the Nintendo GameCube, only the Nintendo GameCube stereo AV cable or other products licensed by Nintendo must be used.
    • Do not connect a stereo AV cable to the Nintendo GameCube that is intended for the Super Nintendo or the Nintendo 64.