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    The system does not operate even when the POWER Button is turned to ON. Is it broken?

    It’s possible that the Auto-Shutdown feature has turned the power OFF.

    Turn the POWER Button to OFF, then turn it to ON again.

    Is enough power being supplied?

    Make sure you have a USB-compatible AC adapter that can supply at least 5V-1.0A/5W of power (or equivalent to USB 3.0), or equipment with a USB connector such as a TV or computer. Then, connect it with the bundled USB cable.

    Also, if you are supplying power to the system via a separate piece of equipment with a USB connector, check that the power supply equipment that is connected with the USB cable is turned on.

    Is the bundled HDMI cable fully inserted into the system and TV?

    Make sure the HDMI cable is fully inserted into both the system and TV.

    Does the TV have the correct settings?

    Press the switch input button on the TV several times, and check if the screen is displayed properly.

    Depending on your TV model, it may take a while before the screen is displayed properly. Please wait for a short while after switching the input.

    Some TV models have a feature which will skip over any unused inputs for the sake of smoother switching. Please check whether or not the connected input terminal is being skipped over. See the manual for your TV for details.

    If it still does not operate after trying the above, please Contact Us.