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    How To Change Nintendo Account Country/Region

    Steps for updating the country/region setting for a Nintendo Account.

    Important: The country/region settings for child accounts (15 and under) cannot be changed individually. If the family group admin changes their own country/region setting, the child accounts in the family group will have their country/region settings updated automatically.

    What to do

    1. Go to the Nintendo Account website and sign in to your Nintendo Account.
    2. Select User Information.
    3. In the “Profile” section, select Change.
    4. In the “Country/region” dropdown, select the desired country/region.
    5. Select Save changes.
    6. Read the information about changing your country/region, then select I agree to confirm the change.
      • Can't change country/region (Nintendo eShop balance, automatic renewal or pre-order)
      • You may receive a message that it is not possible to change your country/region setting because of an outstanding Nintendo eShop balance, active automatic renewal for a membership or pass or because you have pre-ordered downloadable content that is not yet available.
      • To be able to change your country/region setting, you will need to do one or more of the following: