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    Configuring the system

    You must configure the system after turning it on for the first time.

    You will automatically be led through a few steps, including selecting your language and setting up a user profile. For more details about each step, please refer to the Quick-Start Guide you received with your Nintendo 3DS system. pdf icon You can also access the Quick-Start Guide for Nintendo 3DS by clicking here (PDF, 319 kB) .

    For more information about connecting your Nintendo 3DS to the Internet, click here.

    For more information about Parental Controls for your Nintendo 3DS, click here.

    Nintendo3DS_SystemSettings_Icon.jpg You can change these settings at any time in System Settings, which you can access from the HOME Menu by tapping this icon.

    To complete the setup, press the HOME Button to display the HOME Menu.

    After completing the setup, you should check to ensure you have the most recent version of the system software, if not we recommend performing a system update. For more information about checking the system software version and performing system updates, click here.