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    Circle Pad does not respond properly any more

    It may be necessary to calibrate the Circle Pad.

    • Go to SYSTEM SETTINGS in the HOME Menu of your Nintendo 3DS system, select OTHER SETTINGS and then CIRCLE PAD.
    • Confirm the messages on the screen until you are asked to move the Circle Pad two or three times in a large circle.
    • Follow the instructions and then select NEXT.
      • If the text "Calibration failed. Please try again” appears then please restart the calibration proccess.
      • Touch REVERT TO DEFAULT SETTINGS to restore the calibration settings to the default settings.
    • Move the Circle Pad as instructed on the screen – up, down, left and right, so that the corresponding triangles change colour to green.
      • If the triangles do not change colour, touch RETRY to restart the calibration process.
    • End the calibration process by selecting OK.

    If the Circle Pad cannot be calibrated or if the fault cannot be rectified, the Nintendo 3DS system is faulty.

    Click here for detailed information on repairs of Nintendo products.