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    I have lost my AR Cards or they got damaged. What can I do?

    You can download each individual AR Card as a PDF file by using the relevant links below, or you can download all Nintendo 3DS AR Cards here as one PDF (PDF, 6115 kB) .

    • AR Card A-1: ?
    • AR Card A-2: Mario
    • AR Card A-3: Link
    • AR Card A-4: Kirby
    • AR Card A-5: Metroid
    • AR Card A-6: Pikmin

    User Guidelines

    • Cut around the AR Cards by following the broken line.
    • Be sure to print the AR Cards using a colour printer.
    • Use paper with a matt rather than glossy surface to print the AR Cards.
    • If the paper becomes crinkled or folded, it could affect camera detection, so thick paper is recommended.
    • It is best to use an inkjet printer to print the AR Cards.
    • These cards are for individual use. Unauthorised reproduction is not permitted.