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    I keep getting error code 003-1099. What can I do?

    This error code appears when the Nintendo 3DS system can not detect a wireless access point.

    You can try to do the following to solve the problem:

    • Move closer to the access point and make sure there are no obstructions between the Nintendo 3DS system and the access point.
    • Check if the access point and/or modem are switched on.
    • Check if there are other devices within range that are emitting wireless signals. These could cause interference.
    • Check if the name (SSID) and security key of the wireless access point are entered correctly. You do this by going to the System Settings on your Nintendo 3DS system and selecting Internet Settings. Tap on Connection Settings, and then on the access point you want to adjust. Click on Change Settings and change the SSID or Security key if needed. Alternatively, tap on New Connection under Connection Settings and search for access points through the Manual Setup.
    • Try changing the channel on your wireless access point. Please refer to the instruction booklet that came with the access point for information on how to do this.
    • Check the instruction booklet that came with the access point for more options.

    If this doesn't solve your problem, please get in touch with our Nintendo Service Centre.