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    Luigi’s Mansion 2 collectibles tips

    If you’re in the mood for hunting down more than just ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 2, read on to find out how to track down nifty collectibles like gems and treasure!

    Rolling in it!

    Collecting treasure – like coins – comes in handy for upgrading the capabilities of the Poltergust 5000, granting you a longer A-Pull meter and more energy for the Dark-Light Device. Stashing enough cash automatically unlocks these upgrades, making it easier to suck up ghosts, so even if you’re not a huge treasure tracker it’ll certainly make Luigi’s life a lot easier!


    Each of the five mansions is packed with items and objects to interact with. From fans to flowers, there’s stacks of stuff to investigate, and you can interact with many items by walking up to them and pressing the X Button – you never know what trinkets might be lurking inside the vases and toolboxes of these mysterious mansions!

    When you need something a bit more high-tech than Luigi’s hands, the Poltergust 5000 is the undisputed king of revealing riches. Blow out air with the L Button or suck things up with the R Button, but don’t just wave the nozzle around willy-nilly – look out for the tell-tale signs that there’s more than meets the eye. A torn strip of wallpaper or a billowing curtain could hide a neat treat, and if you see a propeller, wheel or rotor… well, give it a spin and see what happens!

    Look around you

    If you were wandering the corridors of a haunted mansion all alone, of course you’d keep your eyes wide open! Luigi’s the same, and just as well – he’ll often cast a look towards something that’s caught his attention, so make sure you keep your eyes on his!

    Keeping your eyes peeled is also a great way to find hidden rewards. Head around the north-east corner in the ravine narrows area of the Old Clockworks – you’ll find a door that leads to a great treasure opportunity for the fleet-footed!

    Go dark!

    There are even some treasures so well-hidden that you can’t even see them with the naked eye. If you notice something’s missing – it could be a stack of books or an entire statue – fire up the Dark-Light Device and see what you can find! The Dark-Light Device is invaluable on your march for moolah – try shining it on any paintings of coins you find hung around the mansions, for instance. Search everywhere and you might just hit the jackpot, like the one hidden in the bottom-left corner of the storm cellar in the Old Clockworks…

    Golden opportunities

    Of course, sucking up ghosts is a great way to add currency to your coffers. If you can defeat multiple ghosts at once you’ll be amply rewarded, so it really pays off to improve your Poltergust proficiency.

    Some ghosts are worth more than others though – hunt down a Gold Greenie and you can really boost your balance! Finding them isn’t easy, but use the Dark-Light Device to expose the hidden stepping stone in the Haunted Towers courtyard and you’re well on your way! But these golden ghosts only appear in certain missions, so if at first you don’t succeed, try another mission!

    Other, smaller golden enemies will pop up from time to time too, but these are much simpler to dispatch – like the regular rodents and bats, you can just stun ‘em with your Strobulb and turn them to treasure right there on the spot!

    Gems ahoy!

    If you’re after something even shinier than coins and gold bars, you’ll want to get your hands on gems! There are 13 to collect in each mansion, so you’ll have to search high and low to find them all. In Gloomy Manor alone you’ll have to search behind the curtains in the studio, defrost a block of ice in the kitchen, spot a missing statue in the patio and more! Every gem you collect can be viewed in E. Gadd’s Vault – do you have what it takes to find them all?