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    The recommended transfer method involves transferring a limited amount of data via wireless.


    Certain data will be transferred via the internet:

    • Nintendo eShop account
    • NNID
    • Friend list


    Certain data will be transferred via wireless:

    • Save data for download software
    • Update data
    • Add-on content
    • Photos
    • Music

    Certain data must be redownloaded from Nintendo eShop:

    • Download software
      • Once you redownload your software after the transfer is complete, you'll be able to continue with your current save data.

    Before you start, you will need the following:

    • Your current Nintendo 3DS/Nintendo 3DS XL/Nintendo 2DS (the 'source' system) and your New Nintendo 3DS/New Nintendo 3DS XL/New Nintendo 2DS XL (the 'target' system)
    • A wireless broadband internet connection
    • Two Nintendo 3DS AC adapters are also recommended. The battery in each system must be sufficiently charged or plugged in with the AC adapter, to ensure that the systems do not run out of power during the transfer
    • You may need to perform a system update. Find out how to carry out system updates here.

    Please note: do not register your Nintendo Network ID (NNID) on your target system prior to the system transfer. Your NNID will be automatically transferred along with your data. Registering your NNID on the target system beforehand will make data transfer impossible.

    If you have data such as photos and recordings in the target system and wish to keep them after the transfer, please copy these to a microSD card first.

    Transfer Procedure

    1. On both the source and target systems select 'System Settings' from the HOME Menu.
    2. Select 'Other Settings'
    3. Select 'System Transfer'
    4. Then select 'Transfer from a Nintendo 3DS system' and follow the instructions on-screen.
    5. When asked 'Are you using an SD card or miniSD card with your system?' Select 'Yes'.
    6. When presented with three possible transfer methods, please select 'Wireless Transfer (Limited Data)'.
    7. Wait until the data has been transferred.
      • Please note: download software will not be moved.
      • Please note: do not turn off the power during the transfer.
    8. Once your data has been transferred between the systems, please redownload your software from Nintendo eShop.
      • To redownload software, go to Nintendo eShop, select 'Menu', then 'Settings / Other', followed by 'Redownloadable Software'. Select which software you would like to redownload from the list.

    Once you've redownloaded your software, the transfer process is complete!