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    Game Boy Printer Paper

    Printer paper is self-adhesive on the reverse side. The adhesive surface is protected by a foil that can be removed after the photograph is printed. Up to 180 prints can be made with one roll. The size of the print including the frame is about 27 x 23 mm.


    • On the reverse side of the photograph, about 2 mm from the edge on one side, is a pre-made groove that simplifies the removal of the foil.
    • To change the printer paper, do the following:
    1.  Switch the Game Boy Printer off when inserting the printer paper.
    2. The paper must always be extracted from the slot of the paper cutter to avoid paper jams.
    3. Press the locking bolt on the upper edge of the Game Boy Printer downwards and carefully remove the protective cap.
    4. If you wish to remove a paper roll early, cut off the paper on the side of the roll and remove it from the slot of the paper cutter.
    5. Loosen the beginning of the printer paper from the paper roll in the direction of the arrow. Uniformly bevel the sides of a used paper roll at a length of about 4 cm so that a tip, about 8 mm wide in front, stands out at the beginning of the paper.
    6. Roll out the paper several centimetres, and from below insert one end of the paper into the small slot of the paper well so that the white side of the rolled-out paper is shown on top. Do this until the paper emerges from the opening of the paper cutter.
    7. Take the end of the paper that was cut off and pull about 6 cm from the opening of the paper cutter (since the end of the printer paper is stuck on the roll with adhesive and pressing the adhesive surface is no longer possible.)
    8. Pull the end of the paper that you just pulled out downwards to the right to rip it off the paper cutter.
    9. Roll out the printer paper until the paper roll can be inserted into the groove provided for it and carefully shut the paper well with the protective lid.