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    Game Reading Error

    If your console has a problem reading games, this can sometimes be solved by performing some simple checks, however, it may be that the console has a fault that may or may not be covered by the warranty.

    Make sure that the game cartridge is inserted in the correct position (with the image facing the same direction as the screen).

    If the game connectors are dirty, clean them with a soft dry cloth.

    Check if Parental Control is restricting the use of the game.

    If the problem occurs with a single game, the fault will not be in the console but in the game cartridge itself. In this case, please contact Customer Support.

    If you’ve tried all of these steps and the problem persists, your console needs to be sent to our Repair Centre to be serviced.

    If the fault is not due to a defect in the manufacture of the product, the repair will not be covered by the warranty. Customers will be notified of any costs prior to being charged.

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