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  • Explore to the fullest with these Pikmin 4 tips!


    Explore to the fullest with these Pikmin 4 tips!

    Welcome to the Rescue Corps, recruit! The uncharted planet that awaits you in Pikmin 4 might look daunting, but with these tips you should be able to explore freely, take on tiny and gigantic challenges alike, and become a Dandori master in no time. Let’s dive right in!

    1. Study enemy behaviour

    Before throwing in all of your Pikmin pals into a scrap with local wildlife, send a couple of Pikmin in first and observe how the creatures react. Some may jump aggressively, others can breathe flames, and some will freeze anything they come across. Figure out how they behave, then choose the right Pikmin for the job!

    2. Charge into battle!

    When it comes time to launch an attack, don’t forget to bring Oatchi along too! Press the Y Button to hop on his back along with all your Pikmin. Find the creature you want to attack, press and hold the X Button, aim at them and release the X Button to rush. Not only will Oatchi chomp on the creature, but all of the Pikmin will be launched off his back simultaneously for a coordinated attack.

    3. Spot the shiny objects


    Treasure is essential for repairing your spaceship, but don’t forget to gather up raw materials too. These can be utilised in a variety of useful ways, such as constructing bridges and climbing walls that open up new areas to explore, as well as creating gear and items that will make your expedition easier.

    4. Get all geared up!


    Speaking of gear, be sure to visit the Lab of the Rescue Corps’ chief scientist Russ at your base camp! His technological advancements are unrivalled – from a thermal defense collar that will keep Oatchi from freezing, to a drone you can use to scout out your surroundings – Russ will make all sorts of gadgets for you. Just bring him some raw materials!

    5. Get help from Oatchi

    Not sure where to go next or where to find the stranded castaways? Ask Oatchi to use his keen Rescue Pup nose and pick up a scent by pressing and holding the Y Button and selecting ‘Command’! Not only can he sniff out stranded explorers, but also search for treasure, Onions, raw materials and even specific types of Pikmin. What a good boy!

    6. Improve your Dandori skills

    Got too many tasks to tackle at the same time? Send Oatchi and a group of Pikmin on a mission of their own! Press and hold the Y Button, then select ‘disband’ to quickly split your party into groups. Then, switch to Oatchi by pressing and holding the Y Button and selecting ‘Switch’. Now Oatchi can lead his own Pikmin team on an adventure!

    7. Turn back time!


    It’s easy to lose track of time while you’re exploring, but you should always keep an eye on the clock. If you don’t return all Pikmin to your base before sunset, you’ll lose them…permanently. But don’t worry, you still have one more trick up your sleeve! Press the – Button and select “Rewind time” to…well, rewind time! It’s a handy feature, especially if your strategy doesn’t go as planned and you want to give it another try.

    8. Make underground discoveries!

    Many puzzling challenges and strange creatures can be found in the deep, dank caves. The good news is that you can also find a variety of wild Pikmin! Be on the lookout and check every nook and cranny before descending to the next level. Time flows slower below ground, so navigate at your own pace. But what if things are not going your way and the cave is too dangerous? You can return to the surface at any time and try again another day!

    9. Train your Pup


    Found some castaways on your latest spelunking expedition? Oatchi is thrilled! So much so that his Pup Drive will increase. Talk to Captain Shepherd at base camp and she’ll show you how to use that drive to teach Oatchi new skills – rushing swiftly, doggy paddling through treacherous waters, healing and more!

    10. Create some shortcuts!


    Want to quickly check your missions, give Oatchi commands or just feed him a Scrummy Bone? You can assign shortcuts to your directional buttons and get it done in no time! Press the – Button, select ‘Shortcut Settings’ from the menu, and then assign whatever you like to the individual buttons!

    That’s it, recruit! You should now be ready to touch down on this mysterious planet and take on all of the challenges it poses. Make the Rescue Corps proud!

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