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  • Ten tactical tips for TRIANGLE STRATEGY™!


    Ten tactical tips for TRIANGLE STRATEGY™!

    A deep, branching story filled with twists and turns awaits in TRIANGLE STRATEGY™ – out now on Nintendo Switch. Let your convictions guide you, but remember that you cannot thwart your foes with conviction alone. Plan accordingly with these ten tactical tips!

    1. Positioning is the key to victory

    Your units' positioning can make all the difference:

    • Utilise the high ground – ranged units can attack from a safe distance and deal more damage.
    • Attack enemies from behind to land a critical hit. Surround them with two units to perform an automatic follow-up attack – but take care not to let the same fate befall you.
    • Do not charge in blindly out of reach of your healers!


    2. Carefully prepare for each encounter

    Always make sure you have the right companions by your side. During the Battle Preparation phase, select Unit Placement and check if you're using the maximum number of units possible. If you haven’t, select an empty square and add an extra companion by pressing the A Button. Those that will be especially helpful will be marked as recommended.

    You can also recall or change allies already on the map. Select them and press the Y Button, followed by the A Button to recall them. Before you begin, also be sure to adjust allies’ placement during the Battle Preparation phase, to put your allies in more advantageous positions from the outset!


    3. Wield the elements

    Fire, ice, lightning – these forces of nature can be used by your allies and unleashed on your enemies. Setting an area alight, for example, will hurt any standing or passing through there. Frozen terrain, on the other hand, is difficult to traverse and reduces the accuracy of those upon it.

    You can also tactically combine the elemental powers of your allies. For example, a Pyromancer can melt an icy area with their blazing attacks, forming a puddle. Another ally can then cast lightning to electrify the puddle and all standing in its waters.


    4. Speed is a virtue

    Eager to move forth with a particular unit? The order in which your allies can act is determined by their speed attribute. Check this during the Battle Preparation phase and replace slower units if you need to swiftly dispatch foes.

    However, you don’t always need to be hasty. If there is no favourable move an ally can make, you can opt to skip their turn. If you make no move and use no commands, the time until their next turn will be reduced by 20%.


    5. Train at the Tavern

    If you are still a bit unsure in your role as a commander, visit the Tavern at the Encampment! There you can make merry, and train yourself and your troops. Engage in Mental Mock Battles that will grant you proficiency in various areas – whether it’s close quarters combat, pincer attacks or combatting mages. Your efforts will be rewarded with experience, and often with items too.


    6. Trade for powerful items

    An Eagle-Eyed Elder awaits you at the Encampment, and you’ll find many helpful supplies at his Sundry Shop’s Tradepost. Use Kudos, earned in battle by performing special moves, to purchase his various wares. You can also acquire Quietuses, special items that can be used only once in battle to perform actions like preventing an enemy from making a move, shifting allies across vast distances, and more – all without consuming a turn! Be sure to browse through the shop’s supply of scrolls too – many contain vital strategical and historic information.


    7. Promote your allies

    The Sundry Shop has another purpose too – you can promote your companions’ Classes here. Units will begin with a rank of Recruit, but can be promoted to Veteran and Elite as you progress. To do so, you must purchase Medals from the Sundry Shop. Once you have a medal at hand, simply select Promote Class and grant it to the ally of your choosing. Not only will they receive a stat boost, but also powerful new abilities.


    8. Stock up on items

    Who better to provide provisions than the Provisioner? This Portly Merchant can also be found at the Encampment, selling spices and materials aplenty. Purchase healing items, spices that can boost the intensity of your attacks or decrease the magic of enemies, and even magic rings and amulets. These can boost your resistances, bolster your allies’ abilities and more. Be sure to obtain Timber and Iron too before visiting the Smithy.


    9. Sharpen your swords (and other weapons)

    Book, bow, or sword – the trusty Smithy can upgrade all of your companions’ weapons. Find him at the Encampment and select the ally who requires better equipment. Pay the Smithy with coins and materials such as Timber, Iron, Stone and Fiber to fashion new, upgraded weapons.

    These upgrades will in turn grant your units increased damage, physical defence, magic defence and more. Special materials such as silver will also allow you to upgrade your weapon rank, unlocking an even greater range of abilities.


    10. Explore your surroundings

    Exploration is a key part of your adventure. Before you make a decision on the Scales of Conviction or begin persuading your allies to your cause, have a look around if you have the chance. Speak to locals, who could hold important information that can strengthen or challenge your convictions. Certain merchants also sell rare wares that you won’t find at the Encampment.

    Be on the lookout for anything that sparkles, too! You may unearth healing items, crafting materials and even notes containing historical information about Norzelia.


    Eager to learn more about the three kingdoms of Norzelia? Head over to our TRIANGLE STRATEGY gamepage to see what awaits you in this tactical adventure!