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  • 12 ways to strengthen your strategies in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes


    12 ways to strengthen your strategies in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

    Leap into the fray in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, out now on Nintendo Switch! Take on the role of the fearless merc Shez and prepare for the battles ahead with these 12 tips and tricks!

    1. Keep your eyes on the mission!


    Amidst the chaos of battle, the opposing forces will attempt to turn the tide in their favour, so keep a close eye on your mission objectives. If the enemy summons reinforcements or calls forth one of their generals, react swiftly by opening your battle map, selecting a target and using the ZR Button to order an all-out-offensive or to protect an ally.

    2. Can you spot that pot?

    Seek out small pots scattered around the battlefield – especially in strongholds! Break them to find a variety of useful items, such as healing items and gold. Depending on their colour, they’ll contain different rewards.

    3. Prepare quickly and efficiently


    Want to give your troops a fighting chance? Before heading into a skirmish, equip your companions with the best weapons, combat arts and battalions available to them by pressing the Y Button in the Convoy menu to auto optimise.

    4. Gain the upper hand


    Not sure which allies to bring with you into battle? Each one has different strengths and weaknesses depending on their class, so consult the battle map to determine who is best-suited to the mission. Blue arrows will indicate advantage against enemies – the more up arrows, the more damage you’ll deal!

    5. Outclass your opponents


    Slash your way through enemies with a sword, rain arrows on them as an archer or blast a way through with spells by assigning different classes to characters! Acquire new classes and experiment with different playstyles by visiting the Training Grounds found at the Base Camp. Once you master the Beginner class, you can unlock even more combat capabilities using Intermediate, Advanced and Master seals.

    6. Partner up


    If you need a helping hand amidst a skirmish, assign an Adjutant to support you! Just move next to an ally, then hold the L Button and press the Y Button to assign them as an Adjutant. You’ll then be able to perform Partner Specials together once your Warrior Gauge is full.

    7. Don’t side-eye side quests


    Some battles found on the War Map are optional, but well worth investigating. Upon clearing these missions, you’ll be able to gather useful resources for upgrading your Base Camp or increasing your bonds with companions. You may also find vital strategic resources for main quests, including the option to recruit enemy generals.

    8. Find the perfect gift


    Want to fast-track your friendships to besties? Peruse the Item Shop at your Base Camp to find all sorts of trinkets your allies will love – from flowers to board games. Not sure what the perfect gift would be? Press the + Button, open the Unit Information menu and check an ally’s profile to see what their likes and dislikes are.

    9. Master those chores


    Want to increase the support level between multiple characters at once? Then grab a broom and start sweeping! That’s right – volunteering for chores together, training for combat or cooking a tasty meal for two comrades is one of the best ways to get to know them better. Each character has chores and dishes they like…and dislike, so keep their preferences in mind.

    10. Collect and trade smithing stones


    While gold is certainly one of the most important currencies to possess, smithing stones are just as valuable. Exchange them with the Blacksmith to strengthen your weapons or trade them for a variety of vital resources at the Supply Master. By the way, any extra weapons and surplus building resources that are taking up space in your Storehouse can also be traded in for smithing stones at the Supply Master’s facility.

    11. Don’t throw that sword away


    Defeating fierce golems and monsters will often result in a rather rusty reward, but don’t be in a hurry to discard that rusted spear! Take it to the Blacksmith who, in exchange for some resources and gold, will repair it and unleash its true power.

    12. Stop by Anna’s shop


    As you explore the War Map, you will happen across the travelling merchant Anna from time to time. Clear the area Anna is located in, talk to her, and she will set up shop at the Base Camp. Stop by and grab some rare items, such as permanent stat upgrades, smithing materials, and even seals which will help you and your companions unlock new classes!

    With these tips, you should be able to quickly turn Shez into a seasoned battle commander! Learn more about the story and characters by visiting our Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes gamepage.