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  • Behind the music of project OCTOPATH TRAVELER


    Hello everyone! My name is Masaaki Hayasaka, Assistant Producer on project OCTOPATH TRAVELER for Nintendo Switch. One of my duties on this project is overseeing the game’s audio. Today I’m pleased to announce that we recently had our final recording session, and the soundtrack for the game is now complete!

    There are just so many great songs in this game – from overworld music, to character themes and much more – but more than anything, the battle themes are just something else! I can honestly say they’re some of the best battle songs I’ve ever heard, and I just can’t wait until we’re able to share them with you.

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    And so, we have a special present for you today: a brand new battle track, fresh from the studio. Check it out, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the recording session!

    We also have a message for you from our talented composer, Mr. Nishiki.

    Hello everyone! I'm Yasunori Nishiki, composer for project OCTOPATH TRAVELER. Having turned 32 this year, I'm part of the generation that grew up playing RPGs, and is drawn to pixel art on an almost visceral level.

    My goal was to create a soundtrack that would bring back the feelings from our childhood frozen deep inside us – feelings from those days when our hearts beat with excitement at the boundless worlds of adventure that stretched out before our eyes.

    At the same time, I didn’t want to just recreate the past, so I applied a great deal of heated passion to "defrost" these feelings in an even more real and dynamic form befitting the modern era.

    I've been told that today, we'll be sharing a brand new battle theme with you. I hope that listening to it will get you even more excited for the full game. Please enjoy!

    Development continues to move ahead at full steam, so please keep an eye on us and look forward to the release of project OCTOPATH TRAVELER!