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  • Cats or dogs? Rollers or Splat Chargers? Find out how the Splatoon producers voted in our exclusive interview!


    Since launching exclusively for Wii U in May of last year, colourful ink-‘em-up Splatoon has proved equally popular with seasoned online shooter fans and those who just like to make a great big mess! Armed to the teeth with all manner of ink-flinging weaponry, players team up and take to the turf in thrilling 4-vs-4 online multiplayer matches and fight over territory.

    With the recently-announced Go4Splatoon Europe online tournament really hotting up, we spoke to Hisashi Nogami, producer on Splatoon, and Katsuya Eguchi, general producer of the game, to find out which side they fall on some very important Splatfest face-offs.

    Nintendo of Europe: Thank you very much for joining us today. Let’s start with the big question: Callie or Marie?

    Hisashi Nogami: (laughs) It’s like having two daughters and being asked which you prefer! I will say though, in the final Splatfest, I voted for Callie.

    Katsuya Eguchi: I used to like Callie, but now I prefer Marie.

    NoE: What’s your weapon of choice in Splatoon?

    HN: The Splat Charger.

    KE: Rollers! I just use the Rollers all day long. All of the Rollers.

    NoE: Offence or defence?

    HN: It really depends on the situation, but when I use the Splat Charger, I play more offensively.

    KE: I just roll over them. I just roll. I just roll. That’s all I do. (laughs)

    NoE: Do you still eat squid?

    HN: Yes, I love it! (laughs) I eat it almost every week.

    NoE: And who exactly is behind the Squid Research Lab?

    HN: It’s a secret! There’s a covert research centre situated nearby the research building at Nintendo’s headquarters in Kyoto, and the staff there carry out extensive research on the Inklings and their weapons. It’s comprised of several personnel.


    NoE: And of course you guys have very high clearance for the research?

    HN: (laughs) No, no, what we’re doing doesn’t necessarily require high clearance!

    NoE: Now, on to the Splatfests! We’d like to know which side of these very important debates you’re on. Firstly – rock music or pop music?

    HN: If I had to pick, I’d choose rock.

    KE: Pop. (laughs)

    NoE: Cats or dogs?

    KE: Cats.

    HN: Dogs. I have a pet cat at home, but I actually like dogs. (laughs)

    KE: See, I like cats, but I have a dog! (laughs) Our families like opposites.

    NoE: Pineapple on pizza. Delicious or disgusting?

    HN: I’m okay with that.

    KE: That’s unbelievable for me.

    HN: I like it! I even put pineapple on top of my hamburgers! In Japan, we have a Chinese recipe where you have fried pork with pieces of pineapple inside, and I like that too.

    KE: Some people don’t.

    All: (laughs)

    NoE: Singing or dancing?

    KE: Singing!

    HN: If I had to pick, it’d be singing. To put it simply, I can’t really dance.

    KE: I basically don’t do either.

    HN: When I’m driving, I sing sometimes.


    NoE: So you haven’t tried any of the Squid Sisters songs on Wii Karaoke U by JOYSOUND, then?

    HN: I don’t know the lyrics, unfortunately! (laughs) I just hum it while I’m driving – I don’t know it by heart.

    NoE: Early bird or night owl?

    KE: Night owl!

    HN: I’m a night owl, too. People aren’t supposed to stay up so late, but I do. When I lose three in a row in Splatoon, I have to carry on until I win three in a row. (laughs)

    NoE: Well, that was certainly enlightening! Thank you very much for joining us here today. We look forward to talking to you again very soon.

    To learn more about Splatoon's unique style, check out part two of this interview!

    Splatoon is available from shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop, only on Wii U. The Go4Splatoon Europe tournament hosted by ESL is underway now, and the winning team can win Nintendo’s next video game system, code-named NX. Find out more at ESL’s Go4Splatoon Europe website.