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  • In shops tomorrow: Jam with the Band!


    Get ready to take on the ultimate musical challenge with Jam with the Band on Nintendo DS, available from shops tomorrow, May 21st! Test your reactions, your timing and your skill by trying to keep up with a song of your choice using the Nintendo DS buttons in Play mode. There are over 50 instruments featured in the game and each song has eight parts to try your hand at. If you’re the type who likes a warble in shower, then you can also try out the karaoke-style singing mode. Then take advantage of the Voice Analysis tool to find out the style your voice is best suited to – are you a Ballad singer at heart or more suited to Bubblegum Pop?

    Jam with the Band also invites you to create your very own compositions by using a wide variety of intuitive tools in the music studio. Hum into the microphone and see your notes appear on a musical score, or choose notes and chords yourself, sliding them into place with the DS stylus. Once you’re happy with your creation, you can share it with friends and family via DS Wireless Communications, or, if you fancy sharing your score with the wider world – why not create a version of a popular song and submit it to Barbara the Bat? If she likes your work, the score will become available for other players to download!

    To submit a song to Barbara, you need to make sure it’s a version of one of the songs from the Nintendo Music Database. To access the database you need to visit the official Jam with the Band website and choose the Nintendo Music Database tab here. You can also find more information on all aspects of Jam with the Band at the website, including in-game footage and tips from Barbara herself!

    Jam with the Band is available from shops May 21st, only for Nintendo DS