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    At Nintendo, we want to create experiences that put smiles on faces, and we believe those smiles are for everyone. We also believe the best experiences happen when we all work together to keep our Nintendo games, online services, and events safe, friendly, welcoming, and fun for all.

    Please take a few minutes to read our Community Guidelines, as they outline our expectations when engaging with our Nintendo products, services or events.

    Be kind and respectful. Follow this timeless approach: treat others as you would like to be treated. Don’t be offensive, misrepresent, harass, threaten, discriminate against, or abuse anyone, and don’t act in any other manner that could disrupt the enjoyment of others or result in harm to anyone.

    Play by the rules. We ask that you use our software, services, and systems as they were intended to be used. Please don’t attempt to impair or get around measures in place to protect our software, services and content, or promote or engage in any other form of harmful, unauthorized, fraudulent or illegal behavior. Don’t create, share, or play unauthorized copies of our products or services, and don’t cheat.

    Keep your account to yourself. Remember that your personal information and purchases are yours alone. Don’t sell, trade or otherwise transfer your purchases or user account to anyone.

    Share thoughtfully. Be mindful of what you share so others can enjoy your content, and please respect others’ contributions. Don't share personal information, content that is obscene, illegal or otherwise inappropriate, copies of products or services, copyrighted or trademarked works, commercial activity such as advertising or other promotional materials, or any other content that isn’t yours to share.

    We’re building this community together. Please consider sharing these values when engaging with or guiding others to play our Nintendo games, use our services, visit our events, or participate in our contests. By communicating these values to each other, we create a community that is both welcoming and enduring.

    Celebrate our shared passion for gaming. Please be mindful that not every topic that might be appropriate in other venues is appropriate on our products, platforms, and events, which are a celebration of our Nintendo characters and worlds. We’re all here because we love games, and so we encourage everyone to share their passion for gaming at our events and on our platforms while keeping other topics to venues more appropriate for those conversations.

    Speak up. If you encounter any behaviour or content that violates these guidelines, let us know. Many of our online services and games have built-in reporting features, or you can contact Nintendo Customer Services if you see someone engaging in inappropriate behavior or sharing content that is obscene, illegal or otherwise inappropriate.

    Anyone who violates any of our user agreements or these community guidelines may be suspended or have access to games and/or services disabled, their user entries, content, or posts removed, and their entry to competitions, contests, locations, and events restricted. The easiest way to avoid this is for everyone to be respectful of others by following our community guidelines and any other additional expectations specific to Nintendo products, services, events, competitions, or locations.

    Again, please have fun! We can all enjoy the world of Nintendo and have the best time when we treat others with respect. Let’s work together to ensure our Nintendo communities remain a fantastic place for all to feel welcome.