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DYSMANTLE: Pets & Dungeons

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There's a furry friend for everyone!

Embark on a mysterious journey to unravel the enigma of the talking animal statue, OSIRIS. Explore the dangerous dungeons scattered across the island, and find various endearing pet companions. Delve deep into the secrets of the pets and their origins, as you uncover the hidden past of the island.

* 20+ unique Pets, from loyal canines to mischievous felines...
* Series of dungeons that will challenge your wit and agility!
* New open world island with mysterious history...
* New trinkets and tools
* Special food recipes for your pets
* Bonus content for the owners of Doomsday and Underworld!

"Pets & Dungeons" is the perfect expansion for both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike, offering hours of exploration, puzzle-solving, and heartwarming companionship.

NOTE: To start the quest for the new content, you'll need to find a dog house.

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DYSMANTLE: Pets & Dungeons

ESRB rating

Blood, Violence

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Release date

January 17, 2024


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3 MB