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Character Merchandise, Gaming Accessories and Third Party Publishers

Below, you will find a list of companies that are licensed to create games, accessories, and other licensed merchandise for Nintendo systems and characters. Use the links below to locate a particular company.

If you are unable to find the company you are looking for, please check to make sure the product you are inquiring about is a licensed product. Unlicensed games and accessories are not recommended for use with Nintendo systems.

If the item appears to be licensed, but the company's name does not appear on this list, it is possible that the company is either no longer licensed or is no longer in business. If the product is no longer working, it may be appropriate to consider replacing the product. Click here for suggestions on replacing older products.


Links to Licensee Pages

Products that display this symbol have been approved by Nintendo

Looking for licensed Nintendo merchandise? Products that feature Nintendo's logos and characters are popular with people of all ages, but knowing where to look for them can be a bit tricky. This page provides some general tips on where to find licensed Nintendo merchandise. You can also search for specific types of products by using the category links below. Here you can find a link to many manufacturers of licensed Nintendo merchandise. They may not have the product available to sell directly to you, but hopefully they may be able to give you some tips on locating that NES t-shirt of Zelda action figure you're looking for.

Tips on Where to Look for Licensed Nintendo Merchandise

  • Stores that specialize in video games
    Small video game retailers, such as those typically found in malls and shopping centers, cater to gamers. In addition to selling systems and games, they often provide a wide-range of video game-themed clothing, backpacks and toys. We encourage you to call ahead to find out if they have the licensed Nintendo merchandise you're looking for.
  • Pop culture and trend clothing stores (apparel only)
    No doubt you've passed by that loud store in the mall that sells rock 'n roll t-shirts and a myriad of all sorts of weird stuff. Stores like Hot Topic can be a gold mine for Nintendo-themed clothing, particularly for the crazed retro gamer in your house.
  • Nintendo World
    A gaming paradise in the heart of New York City! The Nintendo World store at Rockefeller Center features 10,000 square feet of exclusive Nintendo and Pokémon merchandise and games. For more information, visit (please note that Nintendo World does not sell products online).