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Game Developer

So you want to make a Nintendo game? Here's the scoop:

Nintendo's in-house software development teams currently have enough projects to keep them busy for four-to-five years, and aren't accepting any new game ideas.

People who are interested in learning how to develop video games may want to get in touch with DigiPen Applied Computer Graphics School in Redmond, Washington. For more information, check out DigiPen's web site!

The people who are lucky enough to work developing games have a variety of backgrounds. Nintendo has programmers, artists, musicians and engineers working on game and system development. Good subjects to study include Art, Graphic Design, and Computer Science.

Most of Nintendo's game development takes place at Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Japan, so the positions Nintendo has in the U.S. are limited. If you want to look for a job in this field, you might want to check around for different companies that develop game software. There are many out there!