Wii U system update available now

Wii U system update

New features and improved performance for your Wii U console

The latest system update is 5.5.2U

A new system update is available for your Wii U console. If your system is connected to the Internet, the update will be downloaded and installed automatically. You may also perform this update manually via system settings.

This update brings several helpful features, including the ability to organize software icons in folders within the Wii U Menu.

Wii U gamepad folder

You’ll also see a new layout for the HOME Menu.

For a full list of included updates, please visit support.nintendo.com.

Missed an update?

A previous update, (5.1.2 U) introduced the ability to transfer your data from one Wii U console to another. You can transfer save data for Wii U software, Mii characters, user settings, and more. For full details and instructions, visit support.

Other new features include:

  • The ability to navigate Nintendo eShop with other controllers in addition to the GamePad. These include the Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote (Plus), Nunchuk and Classic Controller (Pro).

Another recent update (5.0.0 U) for the Wii U introduced the Quick Start menu: this lets you view your 10 most recently used games and apps right as your console starts up, so you can select an activity even before you see the Wii U menu.

Update your Wii U system
To update your Wii U system:

The system update will be downloaded automatically when you are connected to the Internet. Once the download has completed, a prompt to install the update will appear on-screen.

System updates can also be performed manually if the console is connected to the Internet by starting System Settings from the Wii U Menu, and then selecting System Update.

Note: If you have never performed a system update, connect your Wii U system to the Internet, and find the System Update option in System Settings.

For the full list of updates, please visit support

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