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The Wii U Image Share is a Web service that enables you to post screenshots from software during gameplay to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr social networking services (SNS). By using this service, you can add comments to gameplay images, use a hashtag to share them with friends or family, and even post images simultaneously on multiple SNS. (When using Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, you'll need to register an account for each service.)

* Actions other than image and comment posting cannot be performed with this service. Account registration, viewing and deletion of posts must be done through each SNS.
* A system update will be required starting on September 30, 2013.

How to access

Check out from the Internet Browser on your Wii U Console
Steps for posting

Use the following steps to post images.


Wii U Image Sharing
Wii U Image Sharing

While playing a software title, find a scene you want to post and press the HOME Button to access the HOME Menu. Open the Internet Browser and access []. 

* Screenshots cannot be taken for certain software or scenes.



Wii U Image Sharing
Wii U Image Sharing

Log in to the social networking service you want to post to (Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr). (You can also post to multiple SNS at one time.)



Wii U Image Sharing
Wii U Image Sharing

Select an image from the TV or GamePad, then post it. You can also add comments.

* In order to use each SNS, an authentication screen will be displayed. Follow the instructions provided there to advance.
* Posted photos and comments will be handled according to the terms of use, privacy policy, etc. as described by each SNS.

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