Welcome to Animal Crossing Plaza

Thank you for your interest in the Animal Crossing™ Plaza application. As 2014 comes to a close, we are following our previously announced plans to discontinue this application. It will no longer be available for download as of Dec. 22, 2014. Also, in January, 2015, the Animal Crossing Plaza community on Miiverse™ will be closed to new posts (though you'll still be able to read previous posts).

  • Release Date: 08/07/2013 to 12/22/2014
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Social
  • No. of Players: 1
  • Space Needed for Download: At least 282MB
  • Instruction Manual (PDF)

You do not need Animal Crossing: New Leaf to download and use this software.

Animal Crossing Plaza

Animal Crossing Plaza is a place to chat about your favorite Animal Crossing villagers, post photos of various happenings at your village, and show off the designs you're most proud of.

Visiting this space through the Animal Crossing Series Community within Miiverse allows you to post comments with text or handwriting, post pics, read posts from other people, and more.

You never know what you might discover. Visit today and you just might find a fresh way to enjoy Animal Crossing, from viewing villages around the world to exchanging stories and ideas.

Go here for Miiverse details.

The animals who gather here

You'll see a wide variety of animals gathering around your Mii character at the square. Some of them might be having a birthday, while others may have come as part of an event in Animal Crossing: New Leaf™. They'll chat about all kinds of things—and you'll be able to view their posted comments.

If you find an animal you like

If you come across an animal you'd like to know more about, select it on the Wii U GamePad. You'll see its name, birthday, and other profile info, and you can also post comments about it and read what others have said. If you decide you want to see a lot more comments, you can access the Miiverse Community right away.

You can also set that animal as your favorite, so it'll always be in the plaza when you visit.

Save & post screenshots from Animal Crossing: New Leaf

You can save screenshots that you've taken in Animal Crossing: New Leaf to your Wii U console.

Saved pics are organized by album

They can be posted along with a message

It's really easy. Just put the SD card with Animal Crossing: New Leaf pics on it in the Wii U console's SD card slot, and transfer the photos of your choice.

And there’s more...

Register/View Profile

You can register town names, details, and Dream Addresses from Animal Crossing: New Leaf to your Mii profile for anyone to view. Once the information has been registered, you can use the Dream Address of a user who posted comments you like and go to their village to hang out.

Event Notifications, Etc.

By selecting the bulletin board in the plaza, you can enter the Miiverse Animal Crossing News Community to check for Animal Crossing official website updates and other news items.

For topics not directly related to each animal in the plaza, you can click on Lloid (near the big tree in the plaza) to get a list of Miiverse topics to check out, and to jump from Animal Crossing Plaza to the Miiverse community.

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