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Storyteller is out now! Craft different stories in this inventive puzzle game

Storyteller is a puzzle game about building stories. At the start of a puzzle, you’re given a title that will set the theme of your story. Some of them are straightforward while others can be a wee bit strange. Let’s use “Cured from Vampirism” as an example (whether that’s strange or not is entirely up to you to decide).

After you’re given that title, you are then presented with a few characters and settings. Some of these are iconic figures from history or literature—they can be heroes, villains, barons, monsters, or anything in between. To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to position your characters and settings in comic panels to match the title. It will take some creative thinking of how to tell the story to solve the puzzle.

For example, for “Cured from Vampirism,” you’re given three characters (Jonathan, Mina, and Dracula) and three settings (night, crypt, and professor’s office). Here’s how your thought process may go:

  1. Since every story needs a jumping off point, let’s put Jonathan and Dracula together in the first comic panel, during the dead of night. It will probably be fine…

  2. Oh… it wasn’t fine. Dracula totally bit Jonathan and turned him into a vampire.

  3. Alrighty, let’s try to cure poor Jonathan now. Perhaps the Professor will help?

  4. Never mind, it looks like the Professor wants to attack Vampire Jonathan. Rude.

  5. OK, this isn’t working. Why not have Mina meet the Professor instead?

  6. Ah this is promising—the Professor told Mina that killing Dracula will help Jonathan. He even gave her a stake!

  7. OK, since Mina is now an honorary vampire hunter. Let’s put her and Dracula in the next scene… but let’s do it in the crypt when Dracula is asleep.

  8. Yep, that did it.

  9. Hooray, Jonathan is cured of vampirism! Puzzle solved!

Of course, your journey through this puzzle might be a bit different, and some puzzles have multiple solutions. Experiment around and see what stories you can tell.

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If this sounds interesting, you can buy the game using the link below.