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Rocket League celebrates 7th anniversary with Birthday Ball

The best birthday parties always come with presents!

To celebrate seven supersonic years of Soccar, Rocket League introduces a new two-week event with tons of free Birthday rewards. Players can jump into Limited Time Modes to complete Birthday Ball Challenges, all while unlocking stylish rewards.

Week 1 - July 6

Tired of missing open nets? We’ve got your back. In 2v2 Heatseeker, the ball homes in on your opponent's goal whenever you touch it! You’ll need quick reflexes, though, because every time the ball is touched or hits the backboard, the ball gains speed. In honor of Rocket League’s anniversary, the first team to score seven goals wins.

Week 2 - July 13

You thought you could defeat Knockout, but oh baby, it’s back! Use the unique Attack, Block, and Grab mechanics to hurl other players out of the specially-designed Quadron, Carbon, and Calavera Arenas. Players will get extra boost, extra jumps, and extra dodges in order to survive the 8-player, free-for-all mayhem.

As a thank you to everyone who joins the Anniversary event, players will be able to earn a total of 300 Credits by finishing all the Birthday Ball Challenges. Use your newfound fortune to pick up the Fancy Formal Fennec Decal, available for just 100 Credits in the Item Shop during the event!

Players can also earn Golden Eggs, another crowd favorite. Complete the Challenge up to five times to get Golden Eggs, then open them in your Inventory to unlock items! These rewards will be pulled from Champions Series 1-4, giving players a chance to get valuable Items they might have missed in the past.

Be sure to join the celebrations, July 6-19!