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Part 1: Preparing for your hunt in MONSTER HUNTER RISE

As a terrifying new monster threatens to plunge the land into chaos, it’s up to you to become the ultimate hunter and protect the ninja-inspired land of Kamura Village.

Exploring the lush ecosystems and battling fearsome monsters is no small task. The difference between a successful hunt and going home with your Palamute’s tail between its legs can all come down to how prepared you are.

In our two-part series, “Preparing for your hunt,” we’ll be giving you a few tasty tips to keep in mind as you get ready to take on whatever creeps on the horizon.

Selecting your weapon and armor

Before you start chasing down ferocious beasts, you’ll need to choose your weapon and armor.

Hunters can wield 14 different kinds of weapons, each with its own set of traits. You can try weapons that put distance between you and a monster, ones with speed, ones that get you up close and personal with beasts—whatever fits your play style!

If you’re not sure which weapon to begin with, check out our article, MONSTER HUNTER RISE is here! Learn what’s new and get ideas for your starting weapon. Here, you can find info on some of the best starting weapons: Long Sword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, and Dual Blades.

Your armor consists of five pieces, each with its own defense, elemental resistance, and other stats that could help on your hunt. Finding the right armor that suits your play style and objective can have a big impact on your success. For example, if a monster breathes fire, you may want to wear armor with a fire resistance bonus.

That said, try not to stress about whether your weapon or armor are “perfect.” Sometimes it takes trial and error, so remember that you can always try a different set by going to your Item Box, selecting Manage Equipment, and Change Equipment.

Training Area

The speed, distance, and attack combos of a weapon can change from one to the next, meaning you’ll probably have to adjust your approach. Once you select a new weapon, try to get familiar with it in the Training Area.

Does it respond well to you? Is it doing all the things you’re asking of it? Make sure you’re comfortable wielding your weapon before you encounter aggressive monsters. You can use the Training Area to try out weapons, get familiar with your Wirebug, and—perhaps best of all—you can train with your hunting party*!

Start accepting quests

Ready to start testing your skills? Of course you are! So, what type of quest are you looking for?

If you’re looking for single-player quests, speak to Hinoa, the Quest Maiden, at the Village Quests Counter. On the other hand, Minoto, the Hub Maiden, can offer you single-player and multiplayer quests at the Hub Quests Counter.

Quest cards will contain your objective and any conditions that could lead to failure.

Research your target

Each monster has its own distinct personality. Some may have a habit of screeching at you (which can cause temporary paralysis) while others can get angry and rampage (which will increase the damage they deal). Look through your Hunter’s Notes for any information that could give you an edge on your hunt. This might include locations, rewards, weaknesses, or even habits.

Take necessary items

Once you’ve selected a quest, you’ll want to gather all the items that will help you on your journey. While there will most likely be temporary items in the Supply Box at the main camp, it’s also a good idea to take helpful consumables.

Potions and Well-done Steak are necessary for a successful hunt. As you progress through the game, your essentials will change, but you’ll want to make sure to always have this dynamic duo with you.

You can gather resources in the wild to make some of your own consumables or use in-game currency to buy from certain villagers.

Now you’re just about ready to leave the village, so stay tuned for even more tips!

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