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New Kirby goodies #2: Controller tips for the latest game and the second read-along book!

Kirby’s 30th anniversary year is floating along swimmingly for the pink puff, so let’s keep the content coming! Once again, we have a smorgasbord of content that Kirby himself would find delicious. Of course, he finds most things delicious…err, let’s just keep moving here.

It’s Kirby Time: Read-Along #2: Take Courage

Let’s start with a wholesome break. You may have seen the read-along video that we previously shared, but now it’s time for video #2! Once again, it’s written by Asami Taniguchi and drawn by HYOGONOSUKE. What’s Kirby up to in this video? Please watch to find out! More read-along videos will be coming in the future.

(And as we mentioned before, please share this video with someone else if it’s not quite for you. It just may brighten their day!)

Controller tips for the Kirby™ and the Forgotten Land game

If you’ve been playing the Kirby and the Forgotten Land game, you may be thinking, “Yeah, I got this.” And you know what? You probably do. It’s good to have confidence, after all.
However, if you want play with a little more style, try incorporating these moves into your, uh, playstyle.


Things can get hairy fast, so it’s easy to forget that this move exists. If you press theR, ZR, L, or ZL buttons*, Kirby will do an adorable guard move that can cut down on the damage you take. Depending on the Copy Ability you have, your guard may also block damage completely! As they say, Ice is very nice…


Wait, there’s a dodge in the game!? Why yes there is! Just hold down one of the guard buttons and then press the Control Stick in any direction (you can even dodge diagonally!). This move is extremely useful during boss fights because you can avoid damage completely. Also, if you do it right before getting hit, you’ll get a nifty slow-motion effect that sometimes lets you hit an enemy multiple times with a Copy Ability before they can react. As they say, if you’re in danger, try dodging as a Ranger…


Once again, hold down a guard button and then press the jump button. This slide is handy for closing the gap in a pinch, and certain Copy Abilities can use it to great effect. As they say, you might be floored by the Sword…


Finally, don’t forget that holding the attack button can charge some of your attacks (once again, this depends on your copy ability). If you’re a Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate player, you already know that Kirby’s charged-up Hammer packs quite a punch. As they say**, it’s easy to cause a clamor with a charged-up Hammer….

OK, that’s all for now. If you don’t have the game yet, you can purchase it by using the link below.

*Or SL/SR if you’re using a single Joy-Con™ controller!

**OK, we don’t actually know who “they” are. Maybe it’s just us saying these things!