Nintendo Switch

Claim free in-game Fire Emblem content with My Nintendo Rewards

An exciting and engaging offer is now available!

If you play the Fire Emblem™ Heroes game on your smart device (iOS or Android), you can obtain a special in-game Order of Heroes item set that can be used in the Fire Emblem Engage game on the Nintendo Switch™ system. You’ll also receive 5 Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes!

Simply open the Fire Emblem Heroes game on your smart device, tap the “Quests & Missions” icon on the bottom right, and then tap the coin icon in the upper right to get started.

Please note that you must link your Nintendo Account in Fire Emblem Heroes in order to receive these rewards.

The item set can only be obtained by those who have completed the Fire Emblem Heroes tutorial and made it past Chapter Three of Fire Emblem Engage.

What you’ll get in Fire Emblem Engage

  • Fólkvangr weapon

  • Fensalir weapon

  • Nóatún weapon

  • Alfonse S-rank Bond Ring

  • Sharena S-rank Bond Ring

  • Anna S-rank Bond Ring

What you’ll get in Fire Emblem Heroes

  • 5 Orbs

For detailed instructions and more information, please see the official website.