Nintendo Switch

June Indie highlights! Check out indie games that recently made their way to the Nintendo Switch system

Looking for something a little different? Great independent games (also known as indies) come to the Nintendo Switch™ system each month. Below, you’ll find a few of the most recent releases.

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Happy gaming, everyone!

Follow an aspiring artist on the cusp of finishing the final piece for her art gallery submission. In this narrative-driven puzzle game, become immersed in a panoramic world filled with colors, hand-animated visuals, and a smooth, easy-listening soundtrack.

Alone in an underwater abyss, you are a diver searching the deep to uncover long-forgotten mysteries. Possess the bizarre creatures around you to solve puzzles and travel further into the darkness. Discover strange organisms, unexplored ruins, and ancient machinery hidden beneath the water’s surface.

You are White, an assassin handpicked from Hell to compete with other demon slayers for a chance to live permanently in Heaven. Collect “Soul Cards” to attack foes, discard them to use movement abilities, or cleverly combine cards to discover massive shortcuts. While you’re at it, get to know other assassins!

Jack is a humble bear with a simple dream: to return nature to its former glory with the help of his trusty axe and his animal friends. Slice and dice through machinery, solve puzzles, and work with wacky woodland critters to thwart the sinister plans of the up-and-coming industrial giant, Evil Works.

Find a planet and start harvesting stick and stone to begin your settlement building efforts. Create rudimentary crafting items from blueprints and slowly build your army of workerbots to aid in your efforts. Teach and shape their artificial intelligence to expand their brains and task possibilities.