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Go Beyond with Fortnite x Dragon Ball

Eternal Shenron! By Your Name, I Summon You Forth!

A new Power Unleashed tab will offer challenges and rewards. Available to all players, this screen tracks your rising power level as you complete new limited-time Dragon Ball quests in Battle Royale and Island experiences.

Seven sets of quests will test your skills in strength, agility, focus, and more. With each training set complete you’ll earn a Dragon Ball and raise your Power Level, unlocking awesome rewards like the Dragon Radar Back Bling, Emotes, Sprays, and Battle Pass Levels.

Complete your training and collect all seven Dragon Balls to obtain the Shenron Glider!

Power Unleashed and its rewards will be available until August 30 at 4 a.m. ET.

The Dragon Radar Back Bling and Shenron Glider rewards are not exclusive to Power Unleashed and may be available later in the Item Shop for purchase.

Go Even Further Beyond In Battle Royale

Wield the powers of a Legendary Super Saiyan with the Kamehameha and Kintuon items in Battle Royale!

Falling from the sky in Capsule Corp deliveries throughout each match, pick up the Kamehameha and launch a devastating energy beam at any who crosses your path or call on the Kintuon to take flight around the island. More capsules will appear as the storm closes, so watch out for epic showdowns and tests of your power!

Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival

From the afternoon of August 16 through September 17, 2022, fans of the anime series and those discovering it for the first time can board a cruise ship to chill out watching select Dragon Ball Super episodes!

You can find the Dragon Ball Episode Festival in Discover.

Dragon Ball Adventure Island

Get ready to go on a Dragon Ball collecting adventure starting August 19 . Visit inspired iconic locations from Dragon Ball and meet the mighty dragon, Shenron! Soaring through a ring course on a Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) at Kami’s Palace, preparing food at Goku's House, and traversing an obstacle course at the Room of Spirit & Time are just some of the challenges you will face.

There’s plenty more to experience during this event, so visit the official site for more details.