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Developer Tips Part I: Give yourself a sporting chance in Tennis and the Pro League!

The Nintendo Switch™ Sports game has been out for a little bit now, so you may have already gotten some good practice in for Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Chambara (Japanese swordplay), Badminton, and Bowling. But if you need a bit of a helping hand, the developers behind the game have come up with some tips just for you! Well, they’re tips for anyone who reads this. But you know what we mean!

This is Part I, so be on the lookout for Part II as well.


  • In Tennis, did you know that you can change your shot depending on the way you hit the ball? For example, gently twist your wrist when you hit the ball to give it some “Topspin.” This will make the ball fly far—try doing this when your opponent is near the net!

  • Likewise, try gently twisting your wrist like you’re scooping from below to give the ball “Backspin.” This will greatly curve the ball to the side, which can make it harder for the opponent to return it.

  • Hit the ball back by gently swinging the Joy-Con™ controller from low to high to get a “Lob” that will give the ball a high arch. If your Sportsmate is out of stamina, this is a good way to reset yourself.

  • This isn’t shot-related, but in the Staff Credits, you can play Tennis against…the Staff Credits?! If you reach a certain point total, you can achieve a “special title.”

Playing Online in the Pro League

If you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership*, you can take on competitors from all over the world. And if you do particularly well, you may even be invited to the Pro League, where the best of the best face off! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you find a lot of success in the Pro League, beating opponents one after the other, you may be matched with athletes who are much higher rank than you. Show them what you’re made of!

  • It’s hard to excel in Survival Bowling, but it also appears to be the sport with the most Pro League invitees. If you haven’t made your Pro League debut yet, an invite should come to you once you successfully make it past the First Round repeatedly.

  • In Survival Bowling, Special Lanes (which add some crazy hazards and obstacles) will begin to appear if you play multiple times. The more you rise through the ranks of the Pro League, the easier it will become for Special Lanes to appear.

  • Teams in Soccer are balanced based on the winning rate of all members. So, you may see a D-rank athlete added to the mix in a match full of A-rank athletes. Just don’t underestimate them!

  • If network disconnections occur multiple times, you won’t be able to “Play Globally” anymore for a while. Also, if you disconnect, the gauge to be promoted to the next rank will decrease. Please try to play until the end of a match—let’s all try our best!

Unlock stuff for your Sportsmate

This is more of a reminder than a tip, but when playing online, you’ll gain points after every match. After every 100 points you earn, you’ll get to redeem your points for new cosmetic gear from a specific collection. If you complete an entire collection, you’ll get something called a “Completion Bonus,” which is oftentimes a swanky in-game outfit or costume like the Soccer-Ball Body! Collections rotate out every three weeks so don’t delay.

We hope these tips give you a deeper insight into the game. Good luck out there!

*Any Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply. nintendo.com/switch-online