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Pikmin Movies, a free demo, and more!

Pikmin™ are making the leap from games to movies! These colorful characters star in three new short films, the first ever directed by videogame visionary Shigeru Miyamoto.

First shown at the 2014 Tokyo International Film Festival, the movies are exclusively available for purchase from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo systems or Nintendo.com. You can watch the three animated shorts, titled The Night Juicer, Treasure in a Bottle, and Occupational Hazards, in HD on Wii U, or in 3D on Nintendo 3DS systems. Learn more and get a preview on the official site.

To celebrate the short films, there’s a new free demo for their latest adventure, Pikmin 3. Try it out today and transfer your save data to the full game if you decide to buy.

And, for the artistically inclined, we’re having a Pikmin-themed drawing event, starting Nov. 13. Check out the Art Academy™ Events community on Miiverse™ for more information and to enter your drawing once the contest begins.

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