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Welcome the new school year with some brain-teasing games

Now that it’s the beginning of September, many of you will be sliding on a backpack, catching up with old friends (and making new ones), and kicking off brand new adventures with the school year.

If you need a break from studying, here are a few games that will give your brain a mental workout. This selection is all about puzzles, strategizing, or outwitting your opponents.

Sushi Striker™: The Way of Sushido

Captain Toad™: Treasure Tracker

Semblance Picross S2

Snipperclips™ - Cut it out, together!

Lumines Remastered


Battle Chef Brigade

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Bridge Constructor Portal

The Bridge

Human Resource Machine

Bomb Chicken


Warp Shift

Death Squared

We hope you have a great school year, everyone!

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