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The Pokkén Tournament DX update has arrived

The first major update for the epic Pokémon fighting game for Nintendo Switch adds new features and gameplay tweaks.

Enjoy even more modes and a better fighting experience when you download the first major update for Pokkén Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch, available now. The update includes an online mode for the popular Team Battles in which each player chooses three Pokémon for battle. Choose your top Pokémon and have heated matches with players wherever they are.

Players can now receive special titles based on their ranking in Official Group Matches. Also, official groups from Pokkén Tournament DX will be available in the online battle mode.

If you want to practice specific techniques and rehearse cool combos, the update includes a function to record Practice Mode’s Free Training. This function lets you control the opposing Pokémon and record its movements so you can play them back during training. Then, take control of your own Pokémon to train against the Pokémon whose moves you just recorded.

If you haven’t played the game yet, you can download the Pokkén Tournament DX demo from the Nintendo eShop. To learn more about the game, you can visit the official site.

Enjoy more fighting fun with the Pokkén Tournament DX update on Nintendo Switch!

Game Rated:

Fantasy Violence

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