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Service for Dragalia Lost begins starting today!

To commemorate the start of service for Dragalia Lost, there will be a celebratory log-in bonus, as well as Jumpstart Endeavors. Read on for more info!

1. Celebratory log-in bonus: From the start of service until 2018/10/31 at 07:59AM PT.

Each day you log in during the availability period, for up to seven days, you'll receive 150 wyrmite (that's enough for one summon!).

2. Jumpstart Endeavors: From when you first log in until 14 days have passed (Example: If you first log in on 10/1 (Monday) 06:00AM PT, you would have until 10/14 (Sunday) 05:59AM PT.

You'll get in-game rewards for completing Jumpstart Endeavors within the availability period. These rewards include wyrmite and mana, which you can use to power up your adventurers.

If you complete all Jumpstart Endeavors, you can earn a Tenfold Summon Voucher!

Note: The details of the log-in bonus and Jumpstart Endeavor, as well as the availability period, may change without notice.


The Loyalty's Requiem raid event will begin on 2018/09/30 (Sunday) at 11:00PM until 2018/10/08 (Monday) at 10:59PM PT. During this event, you can use Co-op Play to fight against the flame raid boss!

Note: Period for Accepting Rewards: 2018/09/30 (Sunday) at 11:00 until 2018/10/15 (Monday) 10:59PM PT. You will be able to perform blazon summons and accept emblem rewards between these times.

In this event, you can take on the event-specific quest to defeat the flame raid boss and earn rewards.

If you increase your Friendship with Celliera, a character who appears in the event, you'll be able to officially add her to your group of adventurers.

Use blazons and emblems collected during the event to get the dragon Pele and the Paladyn Defender wyrmprint! For more information about raid events, see the How to Play section of the raid event page.

If the event ends while you are in a battle, the battle will continue until the results are determined. You will be able to gain rewards according to the results of the battle.

■Temporary Characters

  • Friendship with temporary characters in your party increases when you complete quests.
  • If you achieve maximum friendship during the event, the character will remain with you after the event ends.
  • If a character joins your group for good, you will be able to include them in your party even after the event has ended.
  • The temporary character's level, stats, equipment, and position in your party will be maintaine

■Raid Battles

Raid battles are co-op battles where up to four players can use four adventurers each, bringing up to 16 characters to challenge a raid boss.

There are three difficulty levels for raid battles: Beginner, Standard, and Expert.

To participate in a raid battle, you must either create a room as the host, or join a room as a guest.

  • For Hosts: Creating a room requires otherworld fragments and stamina. You can obtain otherworld fragments from boss battles.
  • For Guests: Otherworld fragments are not required to participate in Co-op Play. Getherwings will be used.

To challenge raid battles, you must be capable of challenging the same difficulty as the Host.


■Extra Raid Battles

There is a chance that extra raid battles will open up for hosts who clear raid battles on Expert.

There are no difficulties for these battles.

The extra raid battle will end once cleared.

If you are unable to complete the quest, you will be able to challenge it again.

  • For Hosts: Creating a room requires otherworld fragments.
  • For Guests: Otherworld fragments are not required to participate in Co-op Play. Getherwings will be used. You can participate regardless of whether or not the extra raid battle has opened up for you.

To participate, you must have cleared the raid battle on Expert.

■ Blazon Summons

Clear boss battles and raid battles to obtain peregrine blazons.

You can use the blazons you collected for the event's blazon summoning to get event-specific dragons, wyrmprints, and other rewards.

If you receive a resettable dragon Pele as a reward, you can reset the summon content.

After your 5th reset, you must accept all rewards.


You can get rewards such as items and event-specific wyrmprints based on the total number of emblems you gathered during the event.

■Event Quests

You can challenge these quests during the event.

There are two types of event quests: Daily and Limited.


1. During raid battles, you will only recover 1/4 of the amount of HP from certain skills and abilities.

2. You must clear Ch. 2 / 1-1 (Normal) to participate in Event Quests.

3. You must clear Ch. 2 / 2-1 (Normal) to participate in Co-op Play.

4. If you do not reach maximum friendship with temporary characters during the event, they will not join you after the event ends, regardless of their level or stats.

5. If a temporary character joins you after the event ends, you will be able to read their Adventurer Story.

6. You will not be able to use blazons, emblems, or otherworld fragments obtained in this event in future events.

7. The event schedule and content may change without warning.



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