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Overcooked Special Edition: Chaotic cooking action comes to the Nintendo Switch

The Onion Kingdom is in peril and only the finest cooking can save it!Overcooked Special Edition is an epic culinary journey for both solo and couch co-op chefs. Your teamwork skills will be tested as you and your team prepare delicious dishes, coordinate your actions, and avoid diabolical kitchen hazards. Only then can you achieve your destiny of becoming a master chef capable of stopping an ancient edible evil which plagues the land.


  • 1-4 players must cooperate as they frantically serve up food to customers. Unlock new levels, chef characters and even competitive challenge levels which allow teams of two to engage in hard boiled, head-to-head contests.
  • Each level brings a new challenge for you and your team, whether it's sliding around on a pirate ship, moving between speeding trucks, cooking on an ice floe or serving food in the bowels of a fiery underworld.
  • Simple controls make sure anyone can join the fun, but only a well-vegetable-oiled team will be able to reach the top.
  • Overcooked Special Edition features all the exhilarating kitchens from the main game, as well as both expansions, ‘The Lost Morsel’ and ‘Festive Seasoning.’

If you’re interested in learning more or purchasing the game today, dust off your chef’s whites and click here.

Game Rated:

Mild Fantasy Violence

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