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New Tempest Trials event in Fire Emblem Heroes starts today

Get ready for a new event: Tempest Trials! This special event introduces a series of maps you must fight your way through from beginning to end. Gather your strongest allies and challenge your way to the final map!

Defeated allies can't be revived. If all of the allies on your team are defeated, you can immediately make a new team and try the map again. However, defeated allies cannot be used again until the final map is cleared, or until all your teams are defeated and you attempt a new trial.

During this time, there will also be quests related to Tempest Trials. Also, to celebrate this new event, a new Xenologue Map has been added. The Xenologue Maps can be played by going to Battle -> Story Maps -> Paralogues.

But that's not all! We're continuing the celebration with a special Tempest Trials Kick-Off Campaign!

If the overall score achieved by all players worldwide exceeds 1-billion points within the first five days of the event's launch (until 6/12/17 at 11:59pm PT), all players will receive the following in-game items:

  • 10 Orbs
  • 5,000 Hero Feathers

It will take a careful strategy to advance through the Tempest Trials to get these Orbs and Hero Feathers! Tempest Trials starts on 6/8/17 at 12am PT and runs through 6/21/17 at 11:59pm PT.

For more information about Fire Emblem Heroes, visit the official site.

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Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes
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