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National StreetPass Weekend: Summer Edition

Summer is the perfect time for Nintendo 3DS™!

Bust out your Mario Kart™ 7 game to race against other players from North America at a Nintendo Zone™ location from July 21-24. Just use the Community Code 56-5948-2194-6571 to join in!

Feeling adventurous? With StreetPass, you can take on friends in Fire Emblem™ Fates, attacking their castle (or defending your own). If you win, you’ll get a chance to recruit your opponent’s characters to your team! You can also take on challengers in Rhythm Heaven™ Megamix, collect more stickers from Bandana Waddle Dee in Kirby™: Planet Robobot, or exchange your personalized Guild Card to unlock quests and take on Deviant Monsters in Monster Hunter™ Generations!

Find a hotspot near you here.

For questions about StreetPass events, check out the Support FAQ.

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