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Join an action-packed (and hilarious) alliance in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The Mushroom Kingdom has been torn apart by a mysterious vortex and it’s up to Mario and his friends to bring back order. Friends like Yoshi, Princess Peach, Luigi and…the Rabbids?!

Yes, the Rabbids have come to the Mushroom Kingdom in this outlandish tactical adventure. Outwit enemies in dynamic turn-based combat, solve puzzles in four unique worlds, and play with your friends in special co-op challenges*. It’s a Mario adventure unlike anything that’s come before.


  • Play as eight different characters, including the boastful Rabbid Mario, fearful Rabbid Luigi, sassy (and selfie-loving) Rabbid Peach, and off-his-rocker Rabbid Yoshi.
  • Explore four crazy and colorful worlds filled with secrets and nods to classic Mario games.
  • Carefully plan your attack. Turn-based gameplay allows you to study the battlefield, position your heroes, and unleash special attacks!
  • Use an arsenal of over 250 weapons with unique stats.

Play additional co-op challenges with a friend in local multiplayer, featuring three levels of difficulty.

If you would like to learn more or purchase the digital version of the game, please click here.

*Local multiplayer can either be played with one set of Joy-Con™ controllers or multiple controllers. Additional controllers sold separately.

Game Rated:

Cartoon Violence
Comic Mischief
Mild Language

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