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Visit EB Games to get Meloetta - The Mythical Pokemon

The Mythical Pokémon is now available via a special in-store distribution event.

From March 9 - April 19 at EB Games across Canada, get the Melody Pokémon Meloetta at participating stores.Remember to bring your system from the Nintendo DS family or your Nintendo 3DS and your copy of Pokémon Black Version 2, Pokémon White Version 2, Pokémon Black Version, or Pokémon White Version!

Once you get Meloetta, you can have the Pokémon learn its signature Relic Song move! Relic Song is a potent attack that does damage and has a chance to make its target sleep. Plus, when you use it in battle, Meloetta will change into its Pirouette Forme and become a Normal- and Fighting-type Pokémon! After the battle—or if you use Relic Song again in the same battle—Meloetta will return to its usual Aria Forme, which is Normal and Psychic type. With Relic Song, your opponent will have a tough time landing supereffective attacks against Meloetta!

To teach Relic Song to Meloetta, add the Pokémon to your party and visit Castelia City. Once there, head to Café Sonata, a dimly lit music venue down one of Castelia City’s long avenues. Inside, seek out a young man playing the guitar—when he plays his tune, Meloetta will remember how to use Relic Song!

Head to participating EBGAMES stores today to get Meloetta, then teach your new Pokémon Relic Song today!

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