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Get ready for a super special Splatfest this weekend!

Break out the party favors, Inklings and Octolings! A special time is swimming closer: this Saturday marks the one year anniversary of the Splatoon™ 2 game. Inkcredible!

Of course, a festive time demands a special, global Splatfest. If you don’t know, Splatfests are celebratory times in Splatoon 2 where you can champion one of two special causes. Turf War wins during this time will help your side out, and the winning side is determined by popularity, Solo Win percentage, and Team Win percentage.

The Splatfest will be:

7/20 (Fri) 9:00 p.m. PT – 7/21 (Sat) 9:00 p.m. PT

Now we can’t just have any ol’ question for this one. In fact, this tricky question concerns cephalopods everywhere:

Which sea creature is your favorite, Squid or Octopus?

Yes, that’s a lot to wrap your tentacles around…but that’s not all! To make the event more special, players on Team Squid will play as Inklings, and players on Team Octopus will play as Octolings. Even if you don’t have the Octo Expansion, if you’re reppin’ Team Octopus, you’ll play as Octolings. On the other hand, those fighting for Team Squid will play as Inklings even if their usual character is set to Octoling. Yes, this Splatfest really makes you think (emphasis on the “ink”).

And if you want more info on the game, including info on how to buy the digital version, please visit https://splatoon.nintendo.com

Nintendo Account required. Online services and features, including online gameplay, are free until the paid Nintendo Switch Online Service launches in September 2018.

Secret Note #1: Your appearance will only change during Splatfest battles. In the Square, you’ll appear as your usual rad self.

Secret Note #2: Due to the global nature of this Splatfest, Judd and Li'l Judd will need some additional time to calculate the results. Results will be posted 7/22.

Everyone 10+
Cartoon Violence
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