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National StreetPass Holiday

A very special guest is visiting Nintendo Zone for the holidays!

A Mii character of Mr. Miyamoto, the legendary creator of Mario™, Zelda™, Donkey Kong™, and countless other classic Nintendo characters, will be available in StreetPass™ Mii Plaza when you stop by a Nintendo Zone location with your Nintendo 3DS™ system between 12/19 and 1/15.

Don’t forget to take advantage of fun StreetPass features in these games:

Super Mario Maker™ for Nintendo 3DS

You can use the StreetPass™ feature to share your favorite course with others—and get theirs in return.

Animal Crossing™: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo

A unique Barbeque bed is available until 12/31/2016. Two exotic Japanese New year’s decorations are also available through January 2017. Pick up the item by visiting the Post Office.

Disney Magical World 2

Free in-game festive hats and outfits will be made available on 12/22 and on 1/5 via QR Codes on the official site [http://disneymagicalworld2.nintendo.com/downloads/]. Show off Disney-themed costumes in your Profile Card, and check out other players’ Guest Cards to see what kinds of outfits they’re wearing. You might even spot some StreetPass guests walking around your town of Castleton!

YO-KAI WATCH™ 2: Bony Spirits and YO-KAI WATCH™ 2: Fleshy Souls

Use the StreetPass feature to meet and battle Wandering Yo-kai at Wayfarer Manor. If you win the battles, the Wandering Yo-kai may become your friend.

Monster Hunter Generations

Exchange your personalized Guild Card, your favorite Palicoes, or Special Permits that allow you to take on challenging Deviant Monsters.

You can also get ready for some Hyper Monster fighting this holiday season with another pack of Free DLC! The December batch features Felyne outfits based on Blanka and Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series as well as special gear designed by Tetsuya Nomura, from Square-Enix!. For more details, check out this article!

Find a hotspot near you here: http://www.nintendo.com/3ds/nintendozone.

For more information on the Nintendo 3DS system’s StreetPass feature, visit http://www.nintendo.com/3ds/built-in-software/streetpass.

For questions about StreetPass events, check out the Support FAQ.

Games Rated:

Mild Cartoon Violence
Comic Mischief
Mild Fantasy Violence
Crude Humor
Mild Suggestive Themes

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