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Fight against erasure in this stylish action-RPG

Complete the mission...or face erasure. That’s all Neku knows after regaining consciousness in the middle of a busy intersection without his memories. Now he and his partner must fight to survive a life-or-death game in the urban labyrinth of Tokyo.

This definitive version of Square Enix’s action-RPG classic brings the twisted tale to life on the Nintendo Switch™ system along with a new chapter, exclusive two-player combat, and some killer, newly remixed music.


• Fight to survive the week-long “Reapers’ Game” playing out on the crowded streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. Includes all standard story content from the Nintendo DS™ and mobile versions.

• Hours of additional content, including the bonus chapter, “Another Day,” and the Nintendo Switch exclusive chapter, “A New Day.”

• Join a friend for local, two-player co-op combat in Tabletop or TV mode.

• Collect an array of mysterious, stylish pins with powerful psychic abilities, then point the way to victory in real-time, action-fueled RPG battles.

• Distinctive modern art from a team of artists led by producer Tetsuya Nomura, best known for his work on the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy game series.

• The expansive soundtrack boasts a wide array of genres, including everything from rock to hip-hop to electronica. Also contains new remixed music tracks!

For more information about The World Ends with You: Final Remix, visit https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/the-world-ends-with-you-final-remix-switch.

Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
Mild Suggestive Themes

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