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Save 50% on Super Mario Bros. 2 for Wii U

We’re celebrating spring with a sale on classic favorites for Wii U. Right now, you’ll save 50% on Super Mario Bros. 2 by buying the Wii U Virtual Console version of Super Mario World. That’s twice the fun, at a great low price.

It’s easy to qualify for this great discount, whether you’re upgrading your existing Wii Virtual Console version of Super Mario World, or you’re purchasing it for the first time from the Nintendo eShop.

Hurry—this deal ends at 9 a.m. PT on May 23, 2013. Get all the details.

Super Mario World
During a vacation in Dinosaur Land, Princess Toadstool gets kidnapped and a spell is cast on the inhabitants of the island. Many hidden paths aid Mario in making his way to Bowser's castle, completing 74 areas, and finding all 96 exits. Discover items, including a feather that gives Mario a cape that allows him to fly and a flower that lets him shoot fireballs, in layers upon layers of 2-D scrolling landscapes. You can even ride Yoshi and swallow your enemies!
Platform: Wii U

Super Mario Bros. 2
Join the Mario Bros. in an adventure that surpasses even their wildest dreams! Mario™, Luigi™, Princess Toadstool, and Toad™ embark on a quest together to save the day against the villainous Wart. Pick up items and throw them at your adversaries to clear levels in seven fantastical worlds. Even enemies can be picked up and tossed across the screen. This unique installment in the Mario series will keep you coming back for more!
Platform: Wii U

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