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Visit Nintendo Town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Take a trip to a distant town that's filled with inspiration. Explore houses themed after your favorite games, wander through colorful fields of flowers, and discover a town with many exciting public works projects. You can also talk to Wendell the walrus and select any of the exclusive patterns there to take back to your own town, including a couple of very special portraits.

To explore Nintendo Town, you should visit the Dream Suite* on Main Street. Stand by the bed to get Luna's attention, then select “Show me a dream!” When Luna asks what kind of dream you’d like, you can either:

  1. - Tell her, “I’ll search for one!” then select “What should I dream?” Luna will show you “Nintendo by Nintendo.” Select it to visit Nintendo Town.
  2. - Or, you can choose “Input Dream Address” and enter this number: DREAM ADDRESS: 5700 – 2038 – 6151

Then just lie back, relax, and prepare to dream of Nintendo Town! New to the game? Learn more about Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

*A wireless Internet connection is required to access dreams via the Dream Suite. If the Dream Suite isn't available in your town yet, you'll need to build it as a public works project, first.

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