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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate free DLC lineup for November

The last pack of Free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is finally here! Take on some of the most challenging monsters in the game and craft two extraordinary GX armor sets. Additional rewards include a variety of funny masks with unique skills.

The November DLC pack includes:

  • 12 New quests
  • 3 New Arena challenges
  • 2 New GX armor sets
  • 7 New masks
  • 1 Bonus Palico: Sanchez
  • 1 New Poogie costume: Disco Ball
  • 2 Guild Card backgrounds
  • 7 Guild Card titles, including the title “Monster Hunter”

To access this content, connect your Nintendo 3DS to the Internet, go to the in-game DLC menu and download the content listed for this month. You may also get all the content from the previous months, including access to Animal Crossing, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Street Fighter and Sonic equipment for your Palicoes and Metroid and Legend of Zelda gear for your hunter. Happy Hunting!

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